Consultation Services


An inspection is a vital step before purchasing a property. People do not realize how many relevant details are overlooked when house shopping. My detailed digital report will describe the probable repairs that will need to be made, as well as any potential safety concerns . In addition, the report contains a comprehensive homeowner’s reference library of documents that will help you understand how your home works, priorities to take care of when moving into your home and a suggested maintenance program to help protect your investment.


The majority of prospective home purchasers use the services of a home inspector. Any major issues that arise can be used in negotiations with the seller or help steer them away from a risky purchase. I offer pre-listing inspections to make sure you are aware of any pertinent issues before you put your home on the market. This allows you to either remedy them before you sell, or obtain contractor estimates before negotiation with prospective purchasers, possibly saving you time and thousands of dollars. This report comes with the same level of information and homeowner’s reference library as the pre-purchase inspection report.


People trust that a newly built home has been built properly, but this is not always the case. A pre-purchase inspection is just as relevant on a new home as one on an older home. Perhaps you have had your home custom built from the ground up; an inspection before your final payment to the contractor can identify any deficiencies that need to be remedied before the contract is closed. In addition, all newly built homes come with a 2-5-10 New Home Warranty. British Columbia has Canada’s strongest construction-defect insurance covering materials and labour (2 years), building envelope (5 years including water penetration), and structure (10 years). An inspection prior to these expiry dates can help protect your investment by allowing you to make any timely claims upon your warranty. This report also comes with the invaluable digital homeowners reference library.


Home ownership can be an expensive endeavor. All aspects of a home have an approximate life-span and will eventually need repairing or replacing; even copper piping, will start to fail between 25-35 years in the lower mainland. A maintenance inspection is an inexpensive check up on all the systems of a home to see if they are performing as they should, and whether then may soon become an issue. Being able to budget for expenses you may not have known were coming puts you ahead of the game. This inspection will help you to prioritize spending on your home and will also identify safety concerns and potential insurance issues which may not be covered under your policy. Yet another advantage to this kind of inspection is it may uncover smaller issues, which left unchecked, may balloon into major expenses. This report also comes with the invaluable digital homeowners reference library.